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Building an Ecosystem, Together

Our platform allows vehicle financing companies and insurers to provide flexible options to car buyers managed using our smart pay-as-you-go and connected car technology that ensures timely payments and safety.


Drive 2 Own

Our Drive to Own Program unlocks the door to driving the car you deserve, with a clear path towards ownership.

Cruise confidently, knowing that each payment brings you closer to owning your vehicle.

Take the wheel of your future.


Smart Insurance

Pay daily , weekly or monthly for insurance with great rewards the safer you drive.

Our innovative program uses smart technology to personalize your coverage and reward safe driving.

SMART Insurance adapts to you, offering potential savings and peace of mind, mile after smart mile.

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Consistently adding more vehicles with a goal of reaching 1000+ vehicles by 2025.

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“They took their time to understand my situation & concerns. I appreciate that”

Raphael Boni



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Frequently Asked

Is it the driver's responsibility to maintain the car or fix vehicle breakdowns?

Yes, drivers are generally responsible for the routine maintenance of their vehicles.Feenix works to provide support to ensure all vehicle stay in good condition within the terms and conditions

What does car routine maintenance include?

Car maintenance involves regular tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, brake inspections, and other basic upkeep to ensure the vehicle's proper functioning.

Can I request a payment extension or arrangement during an emergency?

Drivers are expected to make timely payments without defaulting. We however understand that life happens and sometimes emergencies may cause difficulties in making payments.Speak to our team to understand what support can be available for your situation.

Is the driver responsible for insurance and roadworthy payments?

This depenends on the payment plan.The Feenix team will full details of your plan and what options are available.

Is there any help I can seek if I'm need of assistance for fixing a broken down car?

Yes ,With Feenix Maintenance Fund, Drivers get the needed support when their vehicle breaks down.Drivers will need to ensure they meet all the terms of the maintenance fund.

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