Ride-hailing and delivery, done right

At Feenix, we do things different. We understand that customers deserve great rates and our drivers have bills to pay and are dedicated to providing a good service to customers whilst ensuring commisions that give drivers great value too. Every trip you book on Feenix supports driver welfare and local communities.

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Building a safe community, together

Keeping our community safe and supporting the local communities is our priority. Feenix works together with drivers and riders to develop safety measures and community policies that enable a safe environment for both drivers and drivers.



  • Managed with drivers*
  • Driver to rider referral
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Daily payments**
  • Dedicated driver relations

*Works closesly with driver groups to ensure driver voices are heard.**Payments are credited to wallet & can be withdrawn in 24hrs.T&Cs apply



  • Great offers all year round
  • Great network of drivers
  • Every trip book supports charity
  • 24/7 instant support and in-built safety features

*Feenix offers may vary depending on availability.


Supporting Charity with every ride booked

At Feenix, we believe in serving others before ourselves, to make the voices of others heard that otherwise would not be heard, to impact the lives of those who otherwise would have none, to give meaning and hope to those in need. We are only successful if we go beyond self to change the lives of others and we launched Feenix to make the change we would like to see in our communities.

Corporate and business travel re-imagined

Enjoy a simple and stramlined service for business journeys with a selected service of quality Feenix Fleet or manage your your corporate fleet using the Feenix business solutions .Contact us today to set up your account.


Is Feenix in my area?

Feenix launched in the Ghana in May 2020 and is now mainly in Accra.We will soon be in Kumasi and Takoradi. Don't worry if you are not in these cities, we are growing rapidly and will be in your city too. Check back frequently to see if we are in your city.

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Accra, Your Feenix is Here!

Feenix is now in Accra and wherever you are in Accra, be sure to use Feenix. Our great and experienced network of drivers are ready at your convenience

How to book a Feenix

    Enter destination

    Choose your category

    Confirm your booking


There’s a Feenix for all kinds of trips!

Whether you are heading out to hangout with friends, going to work on a busy morning, visiting parents or out on errands,you’ll find an Feenix of every size for each occasion.Our delivery service is also starting and you will soon be able to get your packages delivered too!



Quality assured, private vehicle for up to 3 people



Extra comfort to make your journey even more enjoyable