Need a Car? We've got you!

Our Drive to Own program provides affordable cars for drivers who work to pay for the car they use over a 24-30 month period

Get in the driver's seat in three steps

Apply through our website or by visting or contacting our driver hubs. We require you to be a full time online driver


Security Deposit

We may require an initial deposit depending on the vehicles available.Where deposits are required, we try to keep the deposit up to 10% of total ownership cost.


Background checks

Our team checks your documents and conducts a background check of all drivers to ensure the safety of our commmunity.


Drive Away

We take you through a driver orientation program covering all requirements, vehicle maintenance and road safety. This is to ensure you have a full understanding of the agreement before you sign.


How do I make Payments

Payments are managed using our smart vehicle and payments monitoring technology allowing you to make payments seamlessly on our platform. You will be able to make payments via a number of channels including card and mobile money.

Who covers maintenance?

Depending on your the agreement with you, the vehicle may be fully maintained by Feenix or you may be resposnsible for maintenance of your vehicle. In each case, you will be required to keep the car in good condition and report to our service centres atleast once a month or as required in your agreement.

Is there any support for drivers?

We built this service for drivers and our team works closely with you to understand any issues you may have to identify the best support that can be provided to you.