Drive on a service that has your welfare at heart

Feenix works closely with drivers to ensure drivers gain more. Our lower commission rates and welfare schemes help make driving on Feenix a drive for your future.Get started by downloading and registering on the app.

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Quick payments, great driver support and welfare schemes

These are just some of the ways we’re driving the change and setting the standard for ride-hailing.


Daily secure payments

Feenix credits your wallet immediately when you complete a trip that was paid by card or mobile money. Wallet credits will be made available within 24 hours to give drivers access to their money.T&C apply


24/7 driver support

Feenix resolution policy aims that the majority of disputes are resolved within 24 hours. Our driver welfare schemes also ensure our drivers are well taken care of. T&C apply


Driver to rider referral

Earn GH₵ 2 or other rewards for each successful referral and the rider gets discounts or ride credits depending on the promotional period. Feenix strives to ensure drivers who go on a discounted ride are immediately credited to their wallet after the trip to ensure drivers are not left out of pocket. T&C apply


Know your destination before you accept a ride

Feenix clearly displays trip information so there are no surprises when you accept trips. Feenix is also working to ensure users provide accurate informatiion to further ensure driver safety

Drive with Feenix

Complete our simple onboarding process. Start by downloading the Feenix app from your app store

Signing up made easy

Download the Feenix Driver app to begin the Feenix onboarding process. Please have your personal information, license information, vehicle documents and payment information available and ready to enter into the application

Feenix Heroes Scheme

Feenix is committed to enagaging and supporting drivers. The Feenix heroes are a special group of drivers who believe in the vision to build a service that has the welfare of drivers at heart and have opted in to our special rider and driver referral scheme to help grow the user base of Feenix. Feenix heroes enjoy special benefits like reduced service charge and other bonuses in return. The Heroes Program is a limited group but is currently open to drivers who would like to join.